The Point Church is an exciting, spirit-filled community in the center of Escondido with a heart for North County, San Diego and the world

At The Point Church we believe everyone needs a place to begin.  In fact The Point Church exists for people, just like you, to find a POINT to BEGIN, a PLACE to BELONG and a PROMISE to BECOME.   We are a church that believes in the dynamic power of God to transform your life and set you on the path to a brighter future in Jesus Christ.   At The Point Church you will join people from all walks of life, backgrounds, social standing and ethnicity that desire to fulfill the destiny God created them to experience. Join us this week at The Point Church of Escondido.


Everyone needs a place to start!  No matter what your background may be or what your experience with church has been, TPC is a great place to start over and BEGIN a brand new abundant life that Jesus promised.


Life moves at the speed of relationships and here at The Point Church we place a high value on people and our connections with each other.  Each week you can find others to connect with and find a place to BELONG 


You are created for a purpose, a divine design crafted by the hands of a Creator with great plans for your life.  At TPC we exist to help people BECOME.  Join us this week to see what God has for you and your family.